Welcome to the Young Explorer Classroom!

Our goal is to familiarize the children with their colors, shapes, numbers, and introduce the alphabet. We review these on a daily basis during our circle time and throughout the day. Circle time is the perfect time for the children to learn their colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet. We introduce these by singing songs, reading stories and practicing. The children also learn from engaging in art work and play time.

As teachers we always encourage manners (please and thank you) and we also encourage children to be considerate of their friend’s feelings. Introduction to the potty is part of our daily routine. Observing the sounds and motions that take place in the bathroom is a stepping stone to becoming toilet trained.
We are using high scope letter links to help your child identify their name. This includes a picture that starts with the same sound as the first letter of their name. Their names are in different areas of the room for the children to look at and touch. We have what’s called the wall collage. It has your child’s name card and a place to include your child’s family picture.

We look forward to working with and caring for your child and helping them discover new things everyday!