Welcome to the Toddler Classroom

Welcome to our Toddler classroom. In our classroom, we focus on many aspects of learning with your child. We will work with your child on walking if he/she isn’t currently walking yet. We also introduce the alphabet, counting, colors, and shapes. We focus on grouping similar objects together such as animal sounds, and which animal makes that specific sound.

We will work with the children on the early stages of communication: Responding with 1-2 word responses such as yes, no, please and thank you. We put a strong focus on saying common manner phrases such as “please” and “thank you”. We feel this is very important due to the fact that they will use these phrases frequently when communicating to others. We also introduce basic sign language to the children as another mean of communication.

We understand that children develop different skills at their own pace. Keeping this in mind we will work with each child individually in correspondence to the pace that they are at.

In our Toddler classroom, we conduct a small group time daily where we read various books, sing songs, and go over the location of our body parts (head, eyes, nose, etc.). We provide the children with outside playtime that occurs two times a day. If we are unable to go outside, we will do large motor activities with your child (dancing, etc.). The children are also engaging in daily art projects, sensory experiences and hands on learning while focusing on the daily theme of the week.

We are very excited to work with your child and watch them grow and reach many milestones!