Welcome to the Pre-K Classroom!

Oh, what fun our Pre-K classroom is!  Our Pre-K classroom is designed to give each child a head start before they enter Kindergarten.  There are many exciting things planned throughout the year to enhance your child’s language, cognition, physical, social and emotional development!

Each week will begin with a new theme such as colors, arctic animals, important holidays, outer space…the list is endless!  Along with the theme, a new letter will be incorporated to learn from The Letter People program. Our goal once children complete Pre-K, is for children to be able to recognize both upper case and lower case letters along with the sound each letter makes.

Math, science, social studies, and literacy activities are incorporated daily to go along with the theme/letter of the week.

Art is something that is exercised EVERYDAY in Pre-K! All artwork should be appreciated. Children work hard on their masterpieces and they can’t wait to share them with you!

Assessments are completed for each child at the beginning of the new session in the fall, half way through during the winter and at the end of the session in the spring. Assessments are used to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Each child develops at their own rate therefore, the assessments help the teacher provide lesson plans based on where the child’s needs are.