To ensure availability for your child, you will need to complete an enrollment form, submit your non-refundable registration/activity fee, along with your last week’s tuition. A registration fee of $75 for the first child, $50 for the second child and $25 per each additional child, is due annually (Fall). A summer activity fee of $100 is due per child ages 6 and up, when registering for the Adventure Land Summer Day Camp Program. This fee will help to offset the cost of daily activities. We spend our summer days with several hands-on activities, ice cream socials, water fun, outdoor picnics, and an enhanced creative art experience.

We are required by the state of Michigan to have on file the following items:

– A completed child information card
– A state of Michigan health appraisal form, signed and dated annually by a physician
– An up-to-date immunization record
Statement of Good Health – School Age Children Only
Medicine Form

Your tuition is based on the days that you have registered for, regardless of holidays, school holidays, vacations, illnesses, classroom parties, snow days, or absences. We do not provide “make-up” days. If your service usage is more than your schedule, you will be charged the greater. If you would like your child to attend on a day not normally scheduled, you may add a day to that week and pay the additional charge. Tuition payments are due on Friday of the prior week or Monday of each week your child is scheduled for. Tuition payments can be made through our payment system called Tuition Express. If payment is not received by Monday, of that week your account will be charged a late fee of $25. One week of non-payment of tuition will result in withdrawal from our programs. Tuition payments may be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly prior to services.
Families with two children attending full time continuously, (5 full days) will receive a 10% discount on the child with the lesser tuition. Families with three children will receive 15% discount on the third child (oldest) and 10% discount on the 2nd child (second oldest).
After three consecutive months of enrollment, each child will receive one- week vacation for each session (Fall & Summer) with no tuition payment due. Vacation time will not exceed your child’s normal weekly schedule. Vacation time may be used at one-week intervals only. Vacation time may not be used during the 2 week withdraw period from the program. A vacation request form must be submitted to the office and approved two weeks prior to your scheduled vacation.

Fall session: One week (September – Mid- June)
Summer session: One week (Mid-June – August)
(According to the Plymouth/Canton school calendar)

The Beginners Inn Child Care & Learning Center is open Monday through Friday from 6:30a.m. until 6:00p.m.
To withdraw, you are required to give Beginners Inn Child Care & Learning Center two weeks written notice. Please include the reason for withdraw. The Beginners Inn Child Care & Learning Center reserves the right to withdraw a child when necessary. Occasionally withdraw occurs when the child’s needs cannot be met, policies in the handbook are not followed, or for non-payment of tuition.
Any child with a fever of 101 ° or more, contagious skin or eye infection, vomiting or diarrhea should not attend. We are aware of your responsibilities as a working parent but we must take all precautions against the spread of infections and illnesses to our other children and caregivers. Should your child become ill while in our care, contacting the child’s parent will be first priority, we will take necessary care to see that he/ she is comforted and tended to until someone comes to pick up. Children who may be contagious or require one on one attention may be excluded until he/ she is picked up. Some symptoms that indicate infection or illness include but are not limited to: thick yellow or green nasal discharge accompanied by another symptom, diarrhea, vomiting, watery or goopy eye discharge, a rash anywhere on the body (chicken pox) or persistent cough. A doctor should always see a child with a rash or a cough, underlying illnesses may be occurring. If your child is ill, bringing them to daycare on Tylenol or other fever reducing medication will only mask a fever, but not the spreading of germs to other children and caregivers. Your child may return to Beginners Inn when: he/ she is symptom-free, fever free (below 101 °) for 24 hours without medication or has been on prescribed medication for 24 hours. Rashes need to be confirmed by a doctor in writing that the rash is not contagious. These guidelines have been set by the State of Michigan licensing to protect children from disease and illnesses.

Please notify the center immediately if your child becomes infected with a contagious disease. Our staff will inform parents with a posted notice on all parent information boards.