About Our Staff

Our staff all works together in their classrooms to provide the best care and contributes to the overall care of the children in their care. We pride ourselves in providing consistent staff daily in each classroom, so that there is a comforting presence to both children and adults.

Beginners Inn practices primary caregiving to all children under 2 ½ years old. Primary caregiving establishes an environment in which meaningful and lasting relationships can develop between caregivers and children as well as between caregivers and families. Our primary caregivers are individuals who engage with the child most. The primary caregiver records activities on the daily log, completes quarterly assessments, and does most of the communicating with parents.


Our Lead teachers meet or exceed the State of Michigan Child Care Licensing Requirements. All of our lead staff have received their education in Early Childhood Education and have a wide-range of hands on experience working with children in a group setting.

Although, some Associate staff members are already degree holders, in general they are currently working towards an Early Childhood or similar degrees. Our associate staff is required to have previous work history and practical life experience working with young children.

When early childhood professionals are well prepared, children are likely to experience warm, safe and stimulating environments that lead to healthy development and constructive learning. College-level coursework has been shown to have a measurable, positive effect on quality child care.

All staff members are required to maintain annual training hours, and attend monthly center planning meetings. Beginners Inn requires that receive and maintain current Basic First Aid and C.P.R certification. All of our Infant and Toddler staff is required to receive SIDS and Shaken Baby training.