Infant Classroom

Our Infant classroom is designed to meet the needs of every infant based on the child’s cues throughout the day. Our consistent classroom caregivers provide our infants with the nurturing responses to their needs. We allow our infant classroom to eat and sleep on demand. As children age, they will naturally fall into a more predictable pattern, at which time our caregivers introduce our older infants to a simple routine to help balance their daily activities.

Our infants are provided with the opportunity to engage in many developmentally appropriate activities throughout their day. Infants enjoy activities to help develop their milestones such as tummy time, supported sitting, and free movement and exploration. Each child has their own developmental schedule and will progress at their own pace. Our caregivers will respond to their cues, and provide encouragement, activities and opportunities for them to grow. We have a variety of toys and items for our infants to manipulate and play with. We plan time for sensory activities, art, story time, finger plays, dancing and music activities to keep our infants actively learning throughout the day. . During our warmer months, we love to take them for a walk or set up a blanket for some outside fun.

Eating, Sleeping and Personal Care

We will feed your child on demand, based on your child’s individual feeding schedule. Bottles and homemade baby food need to premade and provided daily for your child. Once your child is eating table food, Beginners Inn will supply snack and lunch items based on the families consent.

Each child is provided with their own crib. Children are able to sleep on their own schedule. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Beginners Inn practices Safe Sleep. Children are always placed on their backs to sleep. No additional items are kept in the crib. Families may choose to provide their child with a sleep sack. Infants up to 2 months of age may be swaddled. Families provide crib sheets and are changed weekly or as necessary throughout the week.

Families provide diapers and wipes for their child. Families can choose disposable or cloth diaper for their child while at the center.