Food Service

Nutritious food is the cornerstone for health, growth, development, and learning. We prepare our snacks and meals in our onsite commercial kitchen daily. Children grow and develop more rapidly during the first few years of life than any other time, the center and families together must provide food that is adequate in amount and type to meet each child’s metabolic growth and energy needs.

Our food service program provides a developmentally appropriate environment in each classroom that reflects the children’s learning and growth during social engagement while sharing meal time together with their friends and teachers. Our teachers provide responsive care to all children by adapting meal time routines and plans to the interests and needs of the individual child and the group. Beginners Inn demonstrates cultural competency and respect for the child’s background by incorporating the cultural, familial values by providing a variety of ethnic dishes throughout our childcare food service program.

During meal time our teachers continue to perform on-going developmental evaluations of each child. Meal time is also a very important part of their development and addresses their social development as well and therefore we continue to monitor the growth of each individual child.

Our menus are developed using guidelines based upon the recommendations by The American Academy of Pediatrics and The USDA Food Service Guidelines. We are a peanut free facility. Because we are a group setting, we appreciate cooperation from all Beginners Inn staff and families. Beginners Inn is always happy to exchange information with our families as to requests and recipes to enhance our food service program and to encourage children to eat healthy foods they enjoy at home as well.

Our food service staff are required to receive at least 12 hours of continuing education/training annually. Continuing education/training hours includes topics such as nutrition, food health and safety standards.


Dietary Restrictions

We are sensitive to families with dietary restrictions because of religious or personal beliefs, please talk with our Office Personnel so we can address how we can meet your child’s needs.


If your child has an allergy, we will do our best to substitute items for your child per the allergy. Severe or life threatening allergies will be handled on a personal basis according to the allergy and severity.

Beginners Inn will provide the following food items for all children who are present at the time of serving.

Infants, Toddlers, Young Explorers, Little Sprouts, Preschool, Pre-K Programs and Young 5’s: will receive 2 snacks and a lunch when the child is present at the time of the meal.        

Breakfast: Families can provide breakfast foods for their child at drop off. Beginners Inn will provide items to accompany breakfast foods such as syrup or milk, a toaster and microwave for heating and utensils to use..

Adventure Land After School Program: Families are responsible to provide all meals for school age children attending our Adventure Land Program. Beginners Inn will have fresh fruit on hand daily as an afterschool snack.

Summer Day Camp Programs (6 years to 12 years): Families are responsible to provide all meals for school age children attending our Summer Day Camp Program. Coolers will be provided when children go on fieldtrips. Beginners Inn will have fresh fruit on hand as a snack emergency.