Welcome to the Preschool Classroom!

We have a lot planned throughout the year to help your child learn and grow cognitively, physically, and socially and emotionally!

We start each week with a new letter, color, and shape.  We are aware that many children know their colors and most of their shapes but it is the collective goal to have this knowledge mastered by the end of the year.  The goal of the letter of the week and corresponding activities is to help each child begin to master letter recognition.  This skill, along with letter-sound connection, will be further developed in the Pre K classroom.  Each week, along with practicing the letter of the week, the children will have opportunities to trace and practice writing their names.

It is an important goal of our classroom to be able to problem solve.  We encourage the children to work together to find solutions to their problems before telling a teacher or becoming aggressive.  We will focus on this by using our class puppets Zippy and Moe.  These puppets encourage the children to practice managing their own feelings and use that management to solve their own problems.

Each week our activity plans are posted outside of the classroom on the family information wall.  These plans are just an overview of some of the activities we will be doing each week.  Every Friday the children are encouraged to wear the color of the week and bring in an item from home that starts with the letter of the week to share with the class!

We look forward to learning and growing with your children!