Welcome to our Adventure Land Classroom!

Our before and after school program and summer day camp programs are designed for children between the ages of 6-12 years old.  (Completed Kindergarten)

Our program offers different levels of appropriate and fun activities, friends and values; school age children develop many decision-making skills.  With this growing independence, school age children soon realize that they are responsible for their own decisions.  Our classroom offers an atmosphere of trust and structured freedom that supports the development of initiative and self- reliance.

After a hectic day of work, hustling the children to social and sport activities, and preparing dinner, it’s hard to find time for homework and quality family time.  Our program offers homework help and tutoring students when arriving from school.  We provide a quiet area where students have resources to gather information and receive help from our dedicated staff.

The Beginners Inn provides transportation to and from local public and private school.  Attendance records and emergency information for each child is on board each vehicle at all times.  A licensed mechanic inspects our vehicles on a regular basis.  Our buses are equipped with first-aid kits, flares, cellular phones and fire extinguishers.  Drivers are required to have a chauffeur’s license.  Random driving record checks are performed on a regular basis.

On no school and half- days, activities are planned and are educational, fun and exciting.

2019 Summer Camp